The LED Match Game

Led Match Game

Is a uniquely designed video game that was developed for the mobile platform. Protege member Jacob Plunkett designed the game with Matt Johnson developing and creating the mobile application.

  • Matt Johnson
  • Jacob Plunkett
unique game play

Deceptively simple puzzle game for mobile

Match the right sequence of numbers to overlay and match the randomized segment LED pattern on the screen. Currently available for the Web and Android Mobile Phones.

Category: Mobile Video Game

Members: Matt Johnson, Jacob Plunkett

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Instructions and Menu Navigation

Your goal is to turn on and off the numbers at the bottom of the screen to transform the red pattern on the upper right to match the green pattern on the upper left. When turning on or off a number, the pattern corresponding to that number is combined with or removed from the composite red pattern using the following logic (XOR):

  • ON + ON = OFF
  • ON + OFF = ON
  • OFF + ON = ON
  • OFF + OFF = OFF

From the green menu at the bottom left, you can begin one of the 117 puzzles based on difficulty:

  • Easy: starts a new game that requires at least 2 numbers lit to solve
  • Medium: starts a new game that requires at least 3 numbers lit to solve
  • Hard: starts a new game that requires at least 4 numbers lit to solve
  • Random: starts a new game with a random level of difficulty

From the red menu at the bottom right, you can perform the following:

  • Reset: reset the puzzle's solution back to the original unsolved state
  • Hint: get a hint as to what number should be turned on or off to get a solution
  • Solve: show you the most optimized solution (each puzzle can have multiple solutions)
  • Help: show in game help