Students participate in an immersive two week game development with Protégé Game Studios!!! Working with professional game developers students will use industry tools and processes to learn and create a video game that is playable. The unique experience takes students from working knowledge of where students working in teams design and create a video game that they present in front of Protege Game Publisher.

Participants learn about video game development across multiple disciplines of game design, 3D modeling / animation, programming, and game mechanics.

...learn technology skills, creativity and team work...

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  • Development environment setup
  • Running Protege's unique training environment
  • Game Design Mechanics
  • Content Creation: 3D objects and animating
  • Content Creation: environments and programming
  • Build and play test game design, work with team members.
  • Present game to video game publisher
  • Game Release
Participants will use professional game developer tools used by Protégé to create video games and interactive experiences.
Recommended for High School Students.

Focused Learning Skills

3D Modeling, Graphics, and Animation 50%
Game Engine 'Visual' Programming 20%
Playtesting, Review, Project Management 20%
Game Level Design 10%
Title Description Date/Time Join
Video Game Development Experience for School Classrooms Work with a professional video game developer to learn the tools, technology, and processes that go into making a 3D video game. Participants will work in teams to design a game level, create content, and have a working game that they will playtest and showcase their work at the end of the camp. Participants have a blast learning the art and science that goes into building video games! Request

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