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We are a creative technology studio for kids, teenagers and young adults using video game development as a platform for learning and career. We see the future where business grows its own creative staff from the ground up!

Protégé Training System    
A unique development program built around a system of Play, Passion and Purpose to build skills and talent in computer technology. Protégé is a about discovering your area of interest, developing it into a skill that can ultimately be a marketable talent. Register now to one of our courses or request a tour to one of our Studios...

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Start! Course - Game and Application Developer

Protégés Start! course is the entry point into game and web application development designed around teamwork, tools, process and finding your area of interest. Build your future here at Protégé! Learn More

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Start! Course Running four sessions the Start! course exposes participants to game design, sound creation, programming, graphics and project management in preparing them in joining active development projects at Protégé Game Studios. Details Register
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Minecraft 'Modification' Project

The Minecraft 'Modification' project is about learning to program Minecraft modifications, allowing participants to create and customize new game functionality within a team environment. This is a great way for kids to learn computer programming, they are engaged in a fun, familiar environment that is designed to explore and extend their Minecraft world - and their minds!

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Minecraft Developer Participants will learn to create customized Minecraft worlds on their very own development server at home and on the Studio's Minecraft server.More Information Details Register

Protégé is at the intersection of talent development and job creation, hiring the best from our membership program.

Protégé builds Internet applications that run across Web Browsers and Mobile native platforms, specializing in latest HTML5 technologies and client side programming like iOS and Android. PGS is an approved Apple iOS developer.

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